cats eye stone,The gemstone of Ketu

Let us read about the navratna, cats eye stone,The gemstone of Ketu

 cats eye stone


Lahsuniya (cats eye stone)Ketu gemstone.

It is called Lehsuniya and Vaidurya in Hindi and cats eye stone in English. It got its name because it is a gem that shines like a cat’s eye in the night or darkness. It has a big shiny stripe inside. It glows when kept in the sun and starts moving here and there when rotated. It is as if the light is shining inside it.

cats eye stone is formed in pigmentite, nice and mica flaky rocks. Cat’s eye is found in two types of mineral classes.

Red Garnet stone|substitute of ruby gemstone

  • The first type of cats eye stone, (Chrysoberyl cats,s eye) class,
  • The second type belongs to the category of cats eye stone (Quartz Group).

Therefore their names are also Chrysoberyl cats,s eye and Quartz cats eye respectively.
Chrysoberyl cats eye stone is a compound of aluminum and beryllium with the chemical formula BeAl2O. Its Hardness is 8.5, Specific Gravity 3.1, Refractive Index 1. 76, Double Refractive Index is .009.

Quartz cats eye is a compound of the elements silica and oxygen. Its chemical formula is SiO2, (Silicon Oxide), its Hardness is 7, Specific Gravity 2.65, Refractive Index 1.5, Double Refractive Index .009It is found in green, yellow, white and black colors.The gem of Ketu increases, Courage,Strength and inspires us to move towards spirituality.

cats eye stone
cats eye stone

Cat’s Eye Mines

On a commercial scale, cats’ eyes are found in Burma and Ceylon. Apart from this, it is also found in North America, Brazil and the Urals. In India it is found in Orissa, Coimbatore, Rajasthan. The cats eye of Burma’s Mogak mine is the best.

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Cat’s Eye Quality.

Smooth, clean, beautiful in shape, yellowish aura, white in color and looks like a cat’s eye, a cat’s eye is the best.Pitted, multicolored, speckled, radial and webbed cats eye is contaminated.

Chrysoberyl class cats are the best, as it is durable due to its high hardness and also has a beautiful polish on it. It is the hardest gemstone after diamond, ruby ​​and blue sapphire. Therefore it is also very valuable.
According to gemology, cat’s eye has been used in jewelry since ancient times.

A 35.5 mm long and 35 mm wide cat’s eye is kept in the British Museum.

Cat,s eye according to astrology purpose.

Ketu is a shadow planet, Ketu represents energy in life, gives stamina, gives courage, builds courage,  and strengthens. It is believed that Ketu motivates the person towards spiritualism and Ketu is also considered to be a factor of salvation. Ketu is a cruel planet by nature. Ketu is the lord of Ashwani, Magha, and Mool Nakshatras.

The gemstone of Ketu is a very miraculous and powerful gemstone, wearing it increases the fortunes of the native, eliminates grief and poverty, and wearing a cat’s eye stops nightmares. If you have done black magic then wearing a cat’s eye the effect of black magic starts to decrease. Wearing it increases the confidence of the person, the weakness of the body is removed.

Ketu brings sudden changes in life, suddenly provides wealth, lottery, property, success, success.
Those who feel that there is any outside black magic on them, ghost, obstruction in their shop or factory, such people should wear cats eyes.

Due to the suffering of Ketu, the person has to face many problems, there is a sudden obstacle in front of the person, loss of business, loss of money, domestic troubles, disturbance in the soil, loss of property, physical disease, Secret diseases, external black magic, sight, spectral problems may come.

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Rules for wearing cats eye.

* It is advisable to wear cats eye, Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn and Aquarius ascendant.

* Those who have Neechasth Ketu in their horoscope, should not wear the gemstone of Ketu.

* Those who have Ketu in their horoscope 3,6,8,12, should also not wear Ketu gem.

* In whose horoscope Ketu is sitting in the house of 4,5,9,10,11, the native can wear the gem of Ketu.

* Ketu is high in Sagittarius sign and low in Gemini sign.

* Ketu Ratna should be worn in a silver ring on Wednesday morning after sunrise in an auspicious time.

* Pure milk, purified with Ganges water and wear your wishes, wishing to be fulfilled.

* Put the cats eye in your pinky  finger.

* Wear cats eye only by chanting Ketu mantra 108 times.

Ketu Mantra:
ॐ स्रां स्रीं स्रौं स: केतवे नम :

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