Spinel,Also called the gemstone of Sun

Let us know in this post,What is red spinel stone?  and What are the benefits of spinel?

What is red spinel stone?

Red Spinel Gemstone is a very beautiful and bright red colored gemstone, it is also called Sun Gemstone, Red Spinel Gemstone is worn to get the benefits of the Sun planet, its dark color brings stability and progress in life.
This stone infuses energy in life, matures mentally, and helps in increasing physical strength.

In astrology, this gemstone has been ranked in the category of Upratnas, Spinel Gemstone is available in many colors, such as red, pink, lavender, purple, blue, green, brown, and black. The hardness of this stone is rated as 8.

Looking at the beauty of Red Spinel Gemstone, apart from astrological benefits, this gemstone is used a lot in jewelry, this gemstone is used in one to one beautiful jewelry.

What are the physical properties of spinel?

  1. Color: Red, Pink, Purple, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Dark Green, Black.
  2. Hardness on the Mohs Scale: 8
  3. Specific Gravity: 3.58 – 3.61
  4. Chemical Composition: Magnesium Aluminum Oxide
  5. Transparency: transparent

How do you identify a spinel stone?

According to chemistry, spinal ruby ​​is a compound of magnesium, aluminum, and oxygen. Hence it is called magnesium aluminate. It contains small amounts of iron and chromium. Due to this, its color is pinkish red and sometimes black accused red also. Apart from this, due to the presence of many mineral elements, it is also found in yellow, orange, purple, and reddish-blue, blackish, grass-like green, and black in color.

Red Garnet stone|substitute of ruby gemstone

Its hardness is 7:00 to 9:00 and its specific gravity is 3.5. It is found along with rubies in the mines of Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Thailand.

The word “spinal” is probably derived from spark (Greek) or spina (Latin). Spinal ruby ​​is found in all colors. But red-colored spinal like ruby ​​is most preferred. Its pigment group is iron. Large Spinal Gemstone and Star Spinal are very rare gems.

Some names are found in Sanskrit such as Saugandhi, Mridul, Naram, Sugandhik, Kangkish Mani. In Hindi it is called naram. In English, it is called spinal ruby.

Indian jewelers refer to spinal ruby ​​as “naram”. It is a very watery, transparent, and beautiful gemstone. It is mostly obtained from ruby ​​and blue sapphire mines. That is why it is also called the mother of ruby. The crystals of the spinal ruby ​​are octagonal or flattened-triangular plate-shaped within the cubic group.

How are spinels formed?

The nature of Spinal Ruby is soft, bright, brightly colored, and attractive. It is often found in blue sapphire and ruby ​​mines. There are three types of “spinal” of red color –Mostly red, but with a slight bluish tinge. Mostly red and sometimes white in color. mostly red and sometimes black
But all types of spinal rubies have soft properties.

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The blue spinal becomes very sensitive in high temperatures. Black and dark green which are opaque is called silonite. The brown type of stone is called pyconite, the yellow-colored rubysilie, and the yellow-red colored stone is called “Balas ruby”.

150 years ago it was classified as ruby, some well-known rubies were actually spinal. Such as the 5 cm long elliptical “Black Princess Ruby” ruby.

Spinal are often found in Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and Madagascar. Some other realization places are Afghanistan, Brazil, Thailand, USA, Pakistan, Australia, Italy, India, etc. Two large spinal rubies are kept in the museum in London.

The artificial spinal ruby ​​came on the market in 1910. It soon made its way into the market. Artificial spinal ruby ​​creates the illusion of having agate, garnet, topaz, ruby, sapphire, and topaz. But due to the double reflection feature of this gem, connoisseurs can easily identify the real and fake.

What is the difference between spinel and ruby?

The difference between a spinal ruby ​​and ruby ​​is that sometimes a red-hued spinal ruby ​​gives the illusion of “ruby”. If a person is ignorant, jewelers sell him as ruby.But Spinal can be distinguished from Ruby because of its softness and lightweight as compared to Ruby.In spinal ruby, the rays of light have a uniform pattern and there is no mica. But in ruby, on the contrary, there is a repetition of light rays and mica is also present in it. Based on the above principles, it is easy to differentiate between ruby ​​and spinal ruby.

Red Spinel Gemstone Benefits

Spinal Ruby is also known as “Suryamani”. If the Sun is the lord of the auspicious house in the horoscope and is sitting in a weak state, then Spinal Ruby must be worn. If Sun is the lord of ascendant, fifth, ninth and tenth house in the horoscope and is in a weak state, then wearing Spinal Ruby is beneficial.

Spinal Ruby is an optimistic gemstone that brings emotional and spiritual benefits when worn. Bringing joy and appreciation of good things in life, wearing Spinal Ruby gives you determination and boosts your creativity and your confidence to deal with any difficult times or difficult situations.

Spinal Ruby protects from evil eyes, increases immunity, infuses new energy, increases the power of the sun, increases spiritual strength, removes negative thinking.

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Wearing Spinal Ruby gives auspicious results of the Sun. Increases eyesight, gets respect and respect, removes mental anxiety, provides peace to the mind.

This stone is considered very beneficial for spinal problems, joint muscles and bones. Spinal ruby ​​is also considered a very beneficial gemstone in problems related to teeth and gums.

Wearing Spinal Ruby infuses extra energy, strength and stamina in you. Especially at a time when you are recovering from a long illness or some kind of trauma.

Spinal ruby ​​should not be worn with the gems of the planet Saturn.

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