Mercury in Aries Ascendant, Advantages and Disadvantages.

Mercury in Aries Ascendant

Mercury in Aries Ascendant/Lagna

In this post, we will know, when Mercury is in the third and sixth house of Aries Ascendant.

The Emerald represents Mercury in celestial navagrahas. Mercury sitting in an auspicious position and sitting in an inauspicious position has favorable and adverse effects on the native, therefore one must wear an emerald if Mercury is adverse. The native should wear emeralds in the Mahadasha and Antardasha of Mercury.

Natives of Aries ascendant should not wear Emerald gemstone because Mars, the lord of Aries, considers Mercury as its enemy, Mercury in Aries ascendant is the lord of the third and sixth inauspicious sentiments,
Therefore, wearing emerald in Aries ascendant can cause throat-related diseases, blood pressure, disease and pain, controversy, and injury from the navel to the urinary tube. There will be more anger, excitement, controversy and injury, even fear of animals. Could cause pain to mother and woman, something will be fine for father.
If there is Mercury in their third house (Gemini sign) then wearing emerald in Mercury Mahadasha will be a success and beneficial.

Mercury in the third house (Gemini zodiac) of Aries ascendant.

In the third place, with the influence of Mercury in his own zodiac, the native will be extremely courageous and courageous, the person will have a great influence on his enemies, the native will reduce the happiness of his brothers and sisters. From here Mercury will see his seventh vision ninth house and will increase his fortune with his intelligence and strength.

Mercury in the sixth house (Virgo zodiac) of Aries ascendant.

In the 6th house (Virgo zodiac) Mercury is exalted, the person has his special influence over enemies, and does great things on the strength of his efforts. The native may face some problems related to expenses, but he does not lose courage and gets out of those troubles.

How to wear an Emrald Ring

On Wednesday, in the yoga of Revathi Nakshatra, you can wear about the 6-carat weight of emerald.

Emerald Should be worn in gold or silver on Kanishka’s finger of the right hand on Wednesday. After morning sunrise, bathe, purify the ring with Ganga water and place it in the place of worship, After chanting the Mercury Mantra 108 times, wearing an emerald ring, taking a pledge to fulfill the desires of your mind.

If you are unable to wear an Emrald yhen you can wear green tourmaline gemstone.

Mercury Beej Mantra: ॐ ब्रां ब्रीं ब्रौं सः बुधाय नमः!

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