World of gems

World of gems

The world of gems is not only senior but also ancient. Gemstones have been used in various forms in India since ancient times. Not only this, but the recognition of the virtues of gems is also modern. Our sages had full knowledge of the properties of all stones. Today, we only use gems on the basis of their properties.

Whether it was ancient times or present man’s attraction has been towards beautiful gems and valuable stones. With the progress of the times, the art of carving and grooming them has also been progressing. Centuries before the beginning of the Christian era, various types of quartz and other hard stones were cut and polished. Statues were made from them. Apart from this, various types of artistic work and decorative items were also made.

Of all the types of minerals found on earth, a large quantity makes itself very valuable because of its rarity, hardness, notability, beautiful colors, and distinctive marks.

Red Garnet stone|substitute of ruby gemstone

Centuries ago and even in today’s scientific era, there has been a difference between gems and precious stones, that is, both the words have different meanings. Naturally, the word “gem” can be used for every stone. Whether it is a valuable or a simple stone or it was used for cameos or intaglio, and from which the work of stamping, etc. on government or private secret documents and letters, etc., can also be called gems.

The term precious stone, which is in vogue today, is used only for those minerals that are extremely rare, exquisite, rich, attractive in color, and often impeccable. Their value is also high and they are used only for jewelry. Generally, these include gems like diamond, ruby, sapphire, and emerald, etc. Which are first cut and engraved in valuable metals. Coral, pearl and amber, etc. are also counted as invaluable stones. While it is not a mineral stone.

Generally man has always been interested in those minerals which are naturally available in abundance, because they are not lacking. They can be easily carved and are not too short in beauty. Such gems are called alpamoli. As new mineral resources are found, their value keeps on increasing.

The word gem is now being used in a deeper sense than before. Any mineral which is beautiful, durable and rare and which can be used as jewelery after carving and polishing is called a gem. Many types of minerals are called gems.

Color is the main quality of gems. Almost all valuable gems are colorful and attract the eyes. Color is the only quality that separates the stones flowing in the river from each other and by which a skilled gem sculptor can be guessed that after polishing in a certain stone carving will attract the eyes.

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The second quality after gems is their impeccability. They should not have cracks, dots, rips, pits, blindness and other defects etc., that is, they are not visible even with a microscope. A microscope lens of 10-15 power is used for this purpose. The price of gems depends more on this quality. Diamond, ruby, emerald and sapphire fetch more value due to this quality.
Durability is the third essential quality of gemstones. Apart from this, rarity always increases the importance of gems.

The three most popular gemstones are carnelian, large stone, and turquoise, which have been used in abundance for more than 5000 years and are not rare either. Nevertheless, it is highly preferred. Carnelian is very common while Lajavarta and Turquoise are also not so rare gems. The only reason these gems are popular is that they are fashionable.

World of gems
World of gems

Division of gems.

All the gems are mainly kept in three categories.


Transparent gems are said to be the best. It is of two types.

2.Plain (colorless)

Colored Gemstones:-

If the colored gemstone is of light colour, then its transparency is preserved. It is considered a virtue. The dark color eliminates the transparency, reducing the value of the gemstone. The specialty of colored rattan is that it is light colored, shiny, clear, clean and completely transparent.

Opaque Gemstone:-

A gem is opaque among gems. There are some elements in their density that destroy their transparency. Thus, a plain gemstone is transparent. Its beauty and quality depend on its size and type. Opaque gemstones are like ordinary stones. There is no trace of transparency in them. Opaque gemstones are heavy, rough, of uncertain shape, and appear dull. Aura is the first quality of a gem.

Less transparent gemstone:-

Less transparent gemstones come in the second category in terms of superiority. These are not completely transparent but are blurry. These are also available in many colors and their transparency is also more or less depending on the deep fade of the color.

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Translucent Gemstone:-

Transparent gemstones are rare, small, smooth, in a certain and specific shape, type and with effulgence. It must have luster, smoothness, and durability. Diamond is in the first place among transparent gems. By the way, sapphire and topaz are also transparent and turquoise is considered prominent among opaque gems.

Durability :-

After transparency, gems are evaluated on the basis of their quality, how stable they are. Long-lived gems are said to be the best. The gem on which no brahman process or environment can influence, the gem which remains the same in every climate, season, temperature, its effect, its appearance does not change, that is considered best. Even chemical experiments could not affect it. Due to its firmness, it is protected from wear and tear. 

A completely solid stone has a long life. The gem that can bear the maximum struggle also has the maximum value. Gemstones like diamond, emerald, topaz etc. are famous for their firmness and long life.

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