3 Red Gemstone Alternatives to Rubies|ruby substitute stone

In this post we will know – 3 Red Gemstone Alternatives to Rubies and What are compared to rubies? Garnet, Mysore ruby, Surya Kanta Mani stone benefits.

3 Red Gemstone Alternatives to Rubies

ruby substitute stone –

  • Garnet
  • Mysore ruby ​​
  • Suryakant.


Garnet is called Pulak, Tamrant, Premashma and Vikatarka in Sanskrit. It is called Mahtab in Persian and Garnet in English. Westerners consider this stone a symbol of love. That is why it is also called the stone of love.

The appearance and appearance of the garnet are smooth and brightly colored, heavy in weight, lustrous, and sometimes without radiance.

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A total of 9 types of differences have been found in Garnet-

  • Some blue,
  • Mostly red
  • Red in color
  • Reddish and pale yellow
  • Light black but mostly red
  • Greenish
  • Greenish but mostly reddish
  • Dark red
  • Bluish and mostly reddish
  • Greenish-red

Gemstones made of garnet are very useful and attractive in wearing jewelry.

The composition of garnet is complex chemically, but it usually contains calcium, magnesium, aluminum, iron, and silicates.
All types of garnets have an expected gravity of 3.40 to 4.20 and a hardness of 6.50 to 7.52.

2.Mysore ruby.

Is precious stone found in Karnataka?
Ruby from Mysore District, Karnataka, India
Parushab, Tararat, Single, and Star Ruby are the names of Mysore Ruby. A special type of ruby ​​is found in a province called Mysore in India. By wearing this ruby, the injured parts of the body, minor wounds, blisters, or ripening places here quickly heal.

Wearing it in jewelry pacifies the mood. Pleasant and encouraging. Mysore ruby ​​is forbidden to use in medicine.

Opaque, full of black color, having a red lustrous color similar to the color of Phalsa, shining like mica, and adorned with fickle white-colored arts, that ruby ​​should be especially worn.

In South India, in the province named Mysore, in Myanmar and Sri Lanka, the Mysore variety of ruby ​​is produced. Mysore ruby ​​is a mineral of the corundum species. Chemically, it is also a compound of aluminum and oxygen. Its hardness is 9 like that of ruby. But there is some black aura in it. After grinding, it looks as beautiful as a star, in the form of swirling flickering lines. Hence it is also called “Star Ruby” i.e. Tarak Manikya.

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3.Suryakant (Laldi)

Star Ruby (Surya Kant Manik)

Suryakant has many names like Red stone, Suryakant, Suryamani, Agnigarbha, Laldi, Lalebadakhsha, Sun Ruby, to name a few.

Form of Suryakant (Laldi)

Suryakant who is devoid of black aura, that red stone is called “Lal” or Laldi. The Laldi which is more than 24 Rattis in weight is called “Lal”. The word “Lal” is considered to be very important and of high quality in gems.
Lalladi cut and sculpted stones are very much liked in bracelets, jewelry, and rings.
Suryakant being soft, smooth, clear, ember-like and round in shape, when combined with the rays of the sun, is the creator of fire.

There are 8 types of Suryakant

  • Red-white
  • Pinkish
  • Blackish-reddish
  • Yellowish-reddish
  • Bright red
  • Bluish red
  • Flaming embers
  • Ocher
  • In all of these, the bright red color Suryakant is the best.

Surya Kanta Mani stone benefits

  • Suryakant is a very pure, transparent, beautiful gem of blood color. In ancient times, Suryakant was mostly made of the round shape. Therefore, by concentrating the sun’s rays on a point, its heat created fire and it started shining like embers in the sunlight. Even today this quality is present in Suryakant.
  • From the point of view of modern mineralogy, Suryakant is also a mineral of the “Spinal” class, and from the chemical point of view, it is also a compound of magnesium, aluminum, oxygen. Its hardness is 8 and the expected gravity is 3.6.
  • From the point of view of Ratanparik scholars, there is a lot of difference between Saugandhik and Suryakant (Laldi). Laldi is more smooth, elastic, pure than Saugandhik.

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  • Many mineralogists consider a stone called sunstone as Suryakant. Suryakant is a red aura, very pure, clean, smooth, and transparent gemstone, and fire is created by the combination of sun rays by its round-shaped gems and ornaments.
  • All the above symptoms are not found in a stone called sunstone, because it is translucent rather than transparent and does not have purity and smoothness.
  • Clear, smooth, pit-free, fire-like luster and round shape, when the combination of sun rays produces fire and gets super-pureness when repeatedly rubbed, that is considered the best Suryakant by the gemologists.
  • Suryakant is found in Myanmar, Sri Lanka, China, Thailand, India, Himalayas.

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