What is Zircon (Gomed)|what is zircon used for

Friends in this post we will know, What is Zircon (Gomed), what is zircon used for and the palces where is zircon found.

What is zircon

  • Zircon (Gomed) – Gemstone of Rahu (Uranus)
  • Other names for Zircon (Gomed):-
  • Hindi – Gomed
  • Sanskrit – Gomed, Gomedek, Ping Sphatik, Rahuratna
  • Urdu and Persian – Zirconia
  • Arabic – Jarkun
  • English – Zircon

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What is Zircon (Gomed) and why is it important?

Due to the color of this gem similar to the color of cow urine, it has been named Zircon (Gomed). The aura of cow urine is also found in it.

Zircon (Gomed) is considered to be the gem of the planet Rahu. Gomed is known by many names. The color of zircon is a brownish red, cow urine, brown, and some black is found.

Birth of Gomed

Zircon (Gomed) is mostly found in rocks called syenite. Gomed is not a very valuable gemstone. But its great quality keeps the good price.

Where is zircon most commonly found?

Among the Navagrahas, Zircon (Gomed) has been given the status of Rahu’s gem. Zircon (Gomed) is found in Australia, Brazil, Florida, Kashmir, Kullu, Shimla, Bihar, and Orissa in India.

What is Zircon (Gomed)

Zircon (Gomed) gemstone is in a way the twin brother of the diamond because there is so much similarity between colorless Zircon (Gomed) and diamond that it is often difficult to identify them. Due to its diamond-like properties, it has become a precious gem.

In English, it is called zircon. When its crystals are specially polished, its colorless crystals generally resemble diamonds.

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Zircon (Gomed) is available in many colors like red, brown-green, orange, yellow, blue and is also colorless. It is a zirconium silicate of the element zirconium. Its chemical formula is Zr(SiQ4). It contains zirconium oxide (ZrQ2) 67.2 and silicon oxide 32.8 percent. There is a lot of dichroism in it.

The luster of Gomed is adamantine. Due to its hardness and specific gravity, it is divided into three categories.

First – Zircon’s hardness is 7.5 to 8 and gravity 4.9
Second – Zircon’s hardness is 6.5- and gravity 4-4.5
Third – Hardness and gravity are between these two.

It is available in all three forms: transparent, semi-transparent, and opaque.

Heavy in weight, aliphatic, uniform, clear, shiny, having a saffron tinge, having the aura of cow urine, spreading, beautiful, bright, light yellow in color, pure, shapely, and soft, the luminous Zircon (Gomed) is excellent.

Dry, flaky, blemishes, mica, lines, pits, rags, and spots with spots, black and white dots with webs, hearing, hairless, fibrous opaque and with bubble-like signs, Gomed is contaminated.

Zircon (Gomed) crystals are in the shape of a prism. On breaking them, they break into similar imperfect gems.

Ordinary zircon is found in scattered forms in all types of igneous rocks. It is also found frequently with granodiorite, cyanite, and monzonite.

It is often found with Naphelian syenite. It is also commonly found in crystalline limestone, gneiss, and shist, etc.

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Zircon is also found in water, eroded into round smooth stones, and is found in sediments, sometimes with gold in streams, rivers, and coastal sands.

In Australia, Brazil, Florida, zircon is found in coastal sands. Gem-grade zircon is found from the sands of springs (Matura) in Sri Lanka and gold gravel in the Ural Mountains and Australia. In Norway, it is found with nepheline syenite. Its large gems are found in Madagascar.

Zircon (Gomed) is not available in the form of a precious stone in India, only in Gadhwal near Kedarnath, in the appiyode of Eraniyal taluk of Travankor some gems of red and brown white color are found respectively. But rarely are the colorless zircon crystals found in these places.

Fine quality zircon gems have been found in Burma from the Mogok region and from Sri Lanka. Found in the Matura region of Sri Lanka, zircons are so similar to diamonds that their name is “matura diamond” and for a long time, traders sold it to people under the name of a diamond.

Zircon (Gomed) is also sculpted in almost all the carvings used in Hero. Well, the very popular cut for this is the brilliant cut. Due to which its beauty is fully exposed.

What are some important uses of Zircon (Gomed)?

Gomed is specially worn to remove the ill effects caused by Rahu, it has been written in the scriptures.

Gomed is considered to be the gemstone of Rahu, hence Gomed represents the planet Rahu. Wearing Zircon gemstone reduces the bad and malefic effects of Rahu.

It is believed that the person wearing Zircon is not in danger from the enemy and his enemies are destroyed. The person wearing Zircon wins over the enemies, that is why Zircon is considered to be particularly beneficial in the matter of court cases and litigation, etc.

It is said that if Rahu (Uranus) is unfavorable in the horoscope, a person may suffer from the following diseases –

Lack of courage in man, the feeling of inferiority and suicide arises, fear of ghosts, worms in the stomach, inability to move joints, pain, diarrhea, metritis, epilepsy, measles, smallpox, leprosy.

When Rahu (Uranus) is weak in the horoscope, wearing Gomed in the ring gets rid of all the above diseases and troubles.


What is Zircon (Gomed) and why is it important?

Zircon is Rahu(Uranus) gemstone. Heels bad effects of Rahu.

What are some important uses of zircon?

Astrological uses in bad effects of Rahu(Uranus)

Is Zircon (Gomed) a real gemstone?


Is Gomed rarer than a diamond?

No, it is easily available

Is zircon precious or semiprecious?

Precious, gemstone of Rahu(Uranus)

What color Gomed is most valuable?

Gloden Brown

Where is zircon most commonly found?

Australia, Brazil, Florida, Kashmir, Kullu, Shimla, Bihar, and Orissa in India.

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