Emerald mythology|What is the history of emeralds

Mention of Emerald is found in mythology, today we will talk about What is the history of emeralds and Emerald mythology in this post

Emerald mythology

What is the history of emeralds

Emerald Names

Sanskrit – Markat, Pachi, Garutma, Haritmani
Hindi – Panna
Urdu, Farsi – Jamrud
English – Emerald

Physical properties

Hardness 7.75
Density – 2.69 to 2.80

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When was emerald first discovered?

4000, years ago. In Egypt

Where is emerald found?

Australia, Australia, Brazil, Colombia, Egypt, North Carolina, South Africa, South Radisia, Soviet Union.

What is the spiritual meaning of emerald?

Emerald gemstone is considered to be the gem of success in love. Emerald gives happiness to the heart and opens the heart chakra.

What’s special about emeralds?

Emerald holds a special place among Navaratnas. Emerald bestows success in life and a clean, flawless and beautiful green colored emerald, due to its rarity, can be more valuable than rubies and diamonds.

What is the power of emerald?

Emerald strengthens the person emotionally and physically, removes the problem of depression and sleeplessness. Purifies the blood and strengthens the heart.

Who should wear emerald stone?

In whose horoscope Mercury is situated in benefic position in the first, second, fifth, ninth and tenth house, they should wear Emerald for life. Those born in Gemini, Virgo, Aquarius should always wear Emerald.
What does the color emerald represent?
Emerald color indicates balance and harmony in life.

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Emerald mythology

  • Emerald has been famous as a gem included in the world for at least 4000 years. During the time of the Roman Empire, Cleopatra and Alexander the Great, it was heavily extracted from the mines of Egypt.
  • According to the description found in ancient texts, emeralds are found in the coast, the region near the desert and the Turuksh region. Emerald has also been found in the mica-layered rocks in the eastern desert of Egypt.
  • Emerald also occurs as a component in addition to granite and pigmatite rocks, in crevices and in piles of flaky rocks. An interesting thing is that some emeralds from Colombian mines are clean and transparent when they come out of the mine. But as soon as the emerald comes out of the mine, defects develop in them due to atmosphere and crack devlopes in them.
  • The Spaniards had obtained excellent emeralds from the Red Indian people of Piru at the time of their conquest of South America. Perhaps it was the pages of the Colombian mines.
  • Nowadays the best emeralds are found in the mines of Colombia. Second-grade emeralds come from the Ural Mountains of Russia and Brazil. Apart from these, there are also emeralds in Australia, Austria, Egypt, Norway, Italy, Africa and India.
  • American mine emerald is firmer and is also the best in color and transparency. Russian emerald is less hard. The emeralds of Africa have a dark aura and black specks. The emerald of Udaipur is dark in color but crumbly. There is more yellowness in the emerald of Ajmer, its color is attractive, transparency is also good. Brazilian emeralds are more prone to cracks and yellowing. A new variety of emerald from Colombia has been on the market for a few years now. This emeralds is famous by the name “Pipechi”. Its texture is 6 buds, by grinding the buds, an emerald is prepared from the middle part.
  • Famous Emeralds are also found in India by these two names “pyalo ke panne” and “jagat seth ke panne”. According to the legend of one, the Mughal emperor Himayu had a few cups of emeralds. The cup broke and its pieces were scattered here and there. Emeralds of these pieces are still found somewhere today.
  • Similarly, there is a famous saying that ‘Jagat Seth Ke Panne’.
    A foreign sailor from an island gave some Emeralds to Jagat Seth of Murshidabad. Those Emeralds were of very high quality, Emeralds made from those Emeralds are still available in the market today.
  • These two types of emeralds are considered to be of excellent caste.

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Emerald mythology,History and Lore

  • Gem experts are of the opinion that in ancient times, emerald mines were mostly in the upper part of Egypt. This mine was in a mountain range located on the western side parallel to the Red Sea. About 100 years ago, a French explorer found these mines in a ruined state. From the tools he got from here, it is known that these mines are of very ancient times. The emerald mines located in the Ural Mountains of Russia were suddenly discovered by a farmer in 1860.
  • Good emeralds were being found from the mines of Colombia in South America for a long time, but their concrete address was found in 1558. After that the emeralds began to be removed from these mines. But due to climate and local government constraints, the emerald work was halted intermittently. Now about 8,8000 carats of emeralds are extracted annually from Colombia’s mines. But most of these are small and faulty.
  • Emeralds are found encrusted with granite, pigmentite and limestone. Such emeralds are rarely innocent. Flawless emeralds are almost impossible to find. An emerald that is absolutely flawless and full of all qualities is worth more than fine natural rubies and diamonds.
  • Distortion is evident in the emerald of South America. Duality is very good. It appears green from one side and blue from the other. It melts with difficulty when heated. Acids have no effect on it. Unlike other green colored stones, it retains its original color even in artificial light.
  • Emerald is considered good for the eyes due to its lovely green colour. The eyes get the most satisfaction by looking at the emerald. Even if the eyes get tired while looking at an object, seeing the emerald makes it healthy again.
  • Emerald is a very soft gemstone, so one should be very careful while crafting it into jewellery.

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