what is a synthetic gemstone?

In this post we will know what is a synthetic gemstone? And what does it work for? What is their identity? how it is made

What is a synthetic gemstone?

Synthetic gemstones are those gems that are not naturally obtained from the ground and are made in the laboratory by humans and scientists. But in their manufacture, they used all the chemical, optical and physical characteristics like natural gems.

Sometimes it happens that some natural gem minerals are also used in these synthetic gems.

Ruby and Sapphire are synthetically made by Vernival method. Apart from this method, scientists have also discovered a new and unique method. It has been found that if cuttings of corundum are placed in front of ‘radium bromide’, their color changes gradually. Some of them turn blue, some take on pink and some brownish-orange.

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In this way the desired light or dark color can be created in these cuttings.

The above methods of making synthetic gems are expensive, so some people started making fake gems by mixing some other chemical elements in the glass. For example, the addition of lead oxide gives a diamond-like luster to the glass. The gems made in this type are called artificial gems (imitation).

To make synthetic ruby, aluminum oxide is melted and some chromium is also added to it, and in this way synthetic ruby ​​is made.

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What are synthetic gemstones used for?

Most of the synthetic gems are manufactured for artificial jewelry only. But many people also sell it for astrological purpose. which is wrong. Only natural gemstones are used in astrology.

What are fake gems called?

Fake gems are called “imitation”, “faux” and “fake” stones.

What is synthetic gemstones vs natural?

Synthetic Gemstones are those gemstones which are artificially made by humans or scientists in the lab by chemicals. Synthetic gemstones are physically identical to natural gemstones.
Natural gems are mined from the earth. They have natural physical properties and their chemical composition.

What are synthetic rubies?

Synthetic rubies are prepared in the laboratory. To make synthetic ruby, aluminum oxide is melted and some chromium is also added to it, and in this way synthetic ruby is made.

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Are synthetic gems better?

No !!! Synthetic gemstones can never be better than natural in any form.

Synthetic gemstones are very beautiful to look at. It is very clean and transparent as compared to natural gems. Their colors are also very beautiful. Synthetic gemstones can be made in any color they want and they can be made transparent and opaque according to their needs. Synthetic gemstones look much more beautiful than natural gems.

What are Lab Made Gemstones and Simulated Gemstones

Lab-created gemstones are those gemstones that are manufactured in a lab by chemical composition. These chemical compositions are made according to the chemical composition of natural gemstones.
And simulated or imitation gems are made by glass or plastic.

Are synthetic stones fake?

100 % fake.

Can simulated diamonds pass a diamond tester?

Yes, a diamond tester can mistake simulated diamonds for real.

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