January birthstone garnet|Lucky gem of january

Do you know which is the lucky gem of january. do not know ! So let’s get information about January birthstone garnet in this post today.

January birthstone garnet

According to astrology, it is advisable to wear gems according to the position of the planets in the birth chart. But in western countries lucky gems are also worn according to the month of birth.

A beautiful gemstone which is known by the name “Garnet”, January birthstone garnet gemstone is very lucky for people born in the month of January.

People born in the month of January are very lucky and their lucky gemstone is red garnet.

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Garnet is available in a variety of beautiful colors, but usually the color of garnet is red.

Many such garnets are also found, with the changing light of the day, their color also changes.

Lucky gem of january


People born in the month of January must wear Garnet. Garnet gemstone is their lucky gem.

According to western countries, the lucky gem of the month of January is ‘Garnet’. People born in the month of January are lucky and are considered to be very fortunate. It is believed that their life is always like a shining star in the sky, which is always shining.

Among the gems, Garnet has got the status of a Semi Precious stone. Although garnet is found in almost all colors, but according to astrology, it is important to wear red garnet.

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Garnet gemstone has been used for thousands of years. The kings and emperors used to use garnet gems in jewellery. Garnet gemstone is also considered to be the gem of the Sun, but it is also said that wearing Garnet gemstone gives the compatibility of all the planets.

Garnet should be worn in a silver ring. Apart from this, Garnet gemstone can also be worn in the form of pendant. Although garnet stone is available in many colours, but only red colored garnet is beneficial for those born in the month of January.

January birthstone garnet According to astrology.

  • Red garnet is considered to be the gem of Mars and the red garnet which has some blackness, its owner is considered to be Rahu, hence Garnet is considered to be the gem of Mars and Rahu.
  • As the lord of garnet is Mars and Rahu, wearing garnet increases self-confidence, brings luck and gives wealth.
  • Along with this, Rahu, which brings sudden changes in life, similarly wearing Garnet gives sudden success in life. Success is achieved quickly by doing any work.
  • If there is some bad effect of Rahu on someone, then wearing Garnet gemstone gives positive effect to Rahu.
  • If the second place in the horoscope of any person, which is considered to be the place of wealth, such persons must wear garnet. Wearing Garnet brings growth in business and profit.

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Let us know the benefits of wearing Garnet.

  • There is a flow of positive energy in the person who wears Garnet gemstone, so that he never comes under any kind of mental stress.
  • Garnet gemstone purifies the blood in the body, so that the body remains healthy and the skin remains glowing.
  • The person wearing Garnet gemstone looks attractive, has attraction in him. So that other people are attracted towards him.
  • Those born in the month of January, wearing garnet gems increase their fortunes and enhance their fortunes.
  • People born in the month of January, by wearing Garnet gemstone, make continuous progress, gain in business and get social prestige.
  • Garnet is a gem of Mars, so wearing garnet gives inner energy, increases self-confidence, removes the weakness of the heart.
  • In ancient times, it was believed that wearing garnet destroys evil and negative forces and keeps away from bad effects.
  • Garnet is related to wealth, as it is a gem of Mars. Therefore, by wearing garnet, there is progress in business, success is achieved and the inflow of money increases.
  • Garnet is also considered a gem of Rahu, and Rahu provides sudden gains. Therefore, wearing garnet increases the chances of getting success in the stock market, speculation, lottery etc.
  • Those who are tormented by an unknown fear, heart, and mind remain weak. Such persons must wear garnet.
  • The energy of Mars resides in Garnet, by wearing it, the internal energy is strong in them.

How to wear Garnet.

  • Garnet should always be worn in a gold ring or in a locket.
  • Garnet should be worn on the ring finger of the right hand.
  • If you are wearing a garnet locket, then the locket should remain at the place of your heart.
  • Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday are best for wearing Garnet.
  • Garnet should be worn in Shukla Paksha of any month and if there is Pushya Nakshatra then it is very good.
  • Before wearing the garnet, its ring or locket should be purified with Ganges water and worn only after worshiping according to the complete rituals.
  • Garnet should always be worn flawless, clean, without stains.

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