What are the 7 precious stones in order?

What are the 7 precious stones in order? If seen, then 7 gems are counted among the most precious gems in the world.

What are the 7 precious stones in order?

All these gems have their specialty and beauty, which have raised their wings in the world of gems.

Man has been crazy about gems and their beauty since ancient times, due to the victory of these gems, many big battles used to happen and kings used to lose their kingdom.

Let us take some information about these 7 beautiful and precious stones today.

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  • Diamond,
  • Pearl,
  • Ruby,
  • Sapphire,
  • Emerald,
  • Oriental Catseye,
  • Alexandrite.

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7 precious stones


It has a special place among the nine gems and it is called the king of gems. It is called Diamond in English, Almas in Arabic and Persian, Hirak, Vajramani and Indramani in Sanskrit and Adamantane in Latin.

Pure crystalline carbon is called diamond. It is more valuable than all other gems except ruby, and is found in white, yellow, pink, black, red, blue, purple, and green colors.

7 precious stones

Its mines – Angola, Botswana, Brazil, Central African Republic, Ghana, Hindustan, Indonesia, Ivory Coast, Lesotho, Borneo, Libya, Syria, Livon, Guyana, South Africa, South West Africa, USSR, Australia, Tanzania, Kenya And found in countries like England, etc.

The world’s largest diamond Cullinan is 530. 2 carats


It is called Pearl in English, Marvarid in Urdu and Persian, Margarita in Latin, and Muktafal, Mukta, etc. in Sanskrit.

Its color is yellow, blue, white, purple, black, green, red, brown, pink.

White and beautiful gleaming pearls are considered the best. The world’s largest pearl weighs 454 carats, is 4.5 inches in circumference, 3.40 inches thick, and is 2 inches long. Its value is around £13000.

7 precious stones

Pearls of the Persian Gulf, Aden, Sri Lanka, Basra, Talawali, Baghdad, Australia, Pacific Ocean, islands of Panama, Japan, Red Sea, India, Venezuela, seashores of the Palestine Islands and the Archipelago Islands, Southern California, Mississippi, Ireland, Russia It is found in countries like Scotland and Germany.


It is called Ruby in English, Yakut in Persian, Manik in Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Gujarati, Lal Badaksha in Arabic, Manikya and Ravi Ratna in Sanskrit, etc.

It is a transparent gemstone of red color like a rose. The most beautiful ruby ​​is red in color like the blood of a dove. Ruby ​​with an impeccable, beautiful color of 4 or more carats fetches 2 times 5 times the value of a similar diamond.

7 precious stones

8 or 10-carat rubies are rarely found. A ruby ​​weighing more than 24 Ratti is called ‘lal’. The best grade rubies are found in Burma. Apart from this, it is found in Sri Lanka, Thailand, Afghanistan, Kabul, North Carolina, Montana, China, India, and Bangkok.

4.Blue Sapphire

It is called sapphire in English, Neelam in Hindi and Urdu, Indranil and Indra in Bangla, Indra neelmani, Shani Ratna, and Neelratna in Sanskrit.

It is a transparent blue corundum or aluminum oxide, which is found especially in America, Sri Lanka, India, China, Thailand, Kabul, Java, Australia, and Montana.

7 precious stones
Blue Sapphire

The best is Kashmiri Sapphire, which is dark blue in color like linseed flowers. Its color is blue, like the neck of a peacock. And also available in light colors. Transparent, elastic, shiny sapphire is considered the best.

The world’s largest sapphire is 1444 carats.


It is called Emerald in English, Panna in Hindi, Jamrud in Persian, Markatmani, Haritmani in Sanskrit.

It is a transparent and beautiful gemstone and is purely green in color. It is also colored like neem leaves.

7 precious stones

Smooth, clean like a lotus leaf, an emerald with a green aura like a cirrus flower is the best.

This gem is found in Australia, Brazil, Colombia, Egypt, North Carolina, Pakistan, South Africa, Sand Vana, Southern Radisia, and Siberia (USSR).

6.Cat’s eye

It is called Cat’s Eye Stone in English, Lahsuniya in Hindi, Vidalaksha, Vaidurya, and Ketu Ratna in Sanskrit.

Its color is apple green, yellow, paddy, and brown. Each stone has yarn like a cat’s eye. Its color is even with black-white because its luster looks like an eye of a cat. That’s why it is called ‘cat’s eye’.

7 precious stones
Cat’s eye

Impeccable and looking like a cat’s eye, cat’s eye is considered the best. Whatever color the cat’s eye is, but the color of the yarn read in it will always remain white.

It is found in the mountains of India, Burma, Sri Lanka, Africa, China, Brazil, North America, and Europe.


This name was given to this gem by Alexander II of Russia. This gem changes color like a chameleon. In the light of the night, it is seen flashing blue-red, then in the light of the sun, the strange green mixed becomes violet. It displays many colors simultaneously, that is, different colors are seen in it when viewed from different angles.

The variety of its colors is due to the Vendian element present in it. Its true color cannot be described. It is found in very small quantities, It is rarely found, so most of the fake synthetic gems are sold in the market. Real Alexandrite is very valuable.

7 precious stones

Its realization places are the Ural Mountains, Sri Lanka, and Africa.

Thank you friends, in this post we have learned ‘What are the 7 precious stones in order? Hope you liked this post and got information about 7 special precious stones.

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