Fingerprinting in diamonds,famous diamonds names

Have you heard about fingerprinting in diamonds? And, let’s know- famous diamonds names

fingerprinting in diamonds|famous diamonds names

Diamond has a special place among the nine gems and it is called the king of gems.
It is called Diamond in English,
Almas in Arabic and Persian,
Diamond, Vajramani, Indramani, Abhaya, in Sanskrit
Edamantane in Latin.

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Pure crystalline carbon is called a diamond.
It is more valuable than all other gems except ruby ​​and is available in white, yellow, pink, black, red, blue, purple, and green colors.
Its mines are Angola, Botswana, Brazil, Central African Republic, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Ivory Coast, Lesotho, Borneo, Libya, Syria, Livon, Guyana, South Africa, southwest Africa, USSR, Australia, Found in countries like Tanzania, Venezuela, Zaire, Congo, and England, etc.
The world’s largest diamond Cullinan is 530.2 carats.

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Fingerprinting in diamonds

Fingerprints in Diamonds. Do you know that just as the fingerprints of one person in the world do not match with the fingerprints of another person? In the same way, diamonds also have similar signs which are never found with other diamonds. These can be called diamond fingerprints.
When taken microphotographs of diamonds, many small spots or marks are seen in them, that is, there is a natural difference in the structure of the diamonds and due to this, it becomes impossible to hide the stolen diamonds.
Each spot inside a diamond is as if a stamp, by which diamonds can be easily identified as easily as a man can be identified by fingerprints.

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Gemstone experts working at J.R. Wood & Sons, a major dealer of inlaid jewelry and especially diamond rings since 1948, say that these markings are different in each diamond. The stamps of any diamond do not match the stamps of other diamonds.
After stealing the diamonds, they can be identified due to these stamps even after re-cutting them in a new polish to change their appearance.
By the way, that diamond is considered to be the best, in which no error or mark can be seen when viewed with a 10 power lens or microscope. But if the picture is taken with a lens of 30 power, then it is sure that the stamp will be visible even in the best diamond.

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Famous diamonds names

As such, diamonds have been found from time to time, due to whose name and other qualities they became immortal.

Kohinoor diamond

Famous diamond of India. It remained the property of the Mughal emperors until the invasion of Nadir Shah in 1304 AD. After that, the Kohinoor diamond remained with Maharaja Ranjit Singh, after that today is the beauty of the British Crown. The actual weight is 186.1 carats now 106.1 carats.

Pit or Regent diamond

It was found in 1701 AD from about 150 miles away from Golconda. William Pitt bought it for £20,400 at the time. The original weight was 410 carats, after carving it is 136.9 carats. Now on display at the Lu Bar Apollo Gallery in Paris.

Orloff diamond

Received from Kollur mines in 1650 AD. Later the idol of Lord Brahma located in a temple in Mysore was stolen from his eyes. Now mounted in the upper end of the Imperial Scepter of Russia. Weight: 194.8 carats.

Sans diamond

In 1477 AD, a robber soldier snatched from the body of Charles Bahadur. Sold to Queen Elizabeth in the late 1600s.
Then in 1695, James II sold it to Louis the Fourteenth.
It was 53.75 carats in 1791. After that, it was stolen and not found again.

Shah diamond

The elongated octagon-shaped diamond is 88.7 carats. In 1843 it became the property of Tsar Nicholas of Russia.

Nasak diamond

Initially, pear-shaped weighing 89.75 carats is now a triangular diamond weighing 78.6 carats. The British got it in loot of South India. Now probably in the possession of the descendants of the Duke of Westminster.

Pigot Diamond

Weighing 47.5 carats, Lord Pigot was taken to England in 1775. Later the Pigot diamond remained in the possession of the Egyptian ruler Ali pasha. It was destroyed after his death.

Eugenie diamond

The eye-catching diamond, passing from the Emperor of Russia to Napoleon, later became the property of the Maharaja of Baroda.

Hope Diamond

The largest of the colored diamonds, weighing 44.5 carats, is greenish-blue in color. Received from the mines of Kolar. Received in India in 1642 by the famous French jeweler Tabnier.
Stolen in 1792.
In 1830 Hope was bought by a London merchant, but the Hope diamond was somewhat chopped off. Then there is America, France, and now England. This diamond has proved to be inauspicious for its owners.

Dresden Diamond

It is a green apple-colored, pure, beautiful diamond. It is 40 carats in weight. Augustus bought it in 1743.
Apart from this, many diamonds like Cullinan Mahan, Patal, Jonker, Barajas South Africa’s star, etc. have become famous in the world.

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