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Pearls is pronounced “Muktaka” in Sanskrit, “Pearl” in English, and “Mukharid” in Persian.

White, light blue, light yellow, light pink, cloud colored pearls are considered to be of the best class. Tenderness is also a quality of the moon, the moon has the status of a very calm and gentle planet, which is why the moon is also compared to a woman.

Like the moon, the pearl is also a soft gem, its aura is soft, and cools the eyes. Along with the coolness of the eyes, the aura of pearl also provides mental peace.

how are pearls formed in oysters

Pearls are obtained from oysters in the sea, which are produced by snails. There are countless varieties of snails found in the world.

There are shells of different colors, such as brown, orange, yellow, red, and pink are found, the shell from which the pearl is obtained is called “bivalve”.

Not all types of snails get pearls in the same way, nor can all snails make the same pearls, everyone has a different ability to make pearls.

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Among the snails that are famous for producing the most pearls, those snails are called “oyster snails”.

Pearl oysters are found in the sea from depths of about 48 to 120 feet, for example, there are many species of snails, so the pearls produced in them are also of different types and sizes.
Round, flat, crooked rams are obtained in any shape.

The pearl-making oysters are found in the water streams around the islands in the sea.

After the oysters are received from the sea, these oysters are left to dry, then they are washed by water and divided into different sizes.

After that these oysters are opened with a sharp tool, this work is done very carefully, and pearls are extracted from these oysters, even after so much effort it is not necessary that pearls are obtained from every oyster.

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History of pearls

A very rare 75-carat pearl was found in California in 1882, it is said that Julié Caesar presented this rare pearl to the mother of Marcus Brutus.

The world’s largest pearl is kept in Philip’s museum, weighing 454 carats.

In India, Maharaja Gaekwad had a garland of 280 precious pearls, the value of which was estimated at crores.

During the Mughal rule in India, the Mughals also had a lot of precious and valuable pearls.

Basra pearl
Basra pearl

Types of Pearls

GajMukta Pearl

Gajmukh pearl is obtained from the head of an elephant, the elephant from which Gajmukh pearl is obtained, that elephant is very rare and it is born only in special planetary yogas.
Gajmukh pearl is obtained only from the head of this type of divine elephant.

ShankhMukta Pearl –

Pearls are found inside oysters in the depths of the sea, it is said that when the Swati constellation occurs, at that time due to the movement of the sea, the oyster inside which a drop of water goes, and it takes the form of a pearl, It is considered to be the highest grade pearl,

The pearls obtained from the Bay of Basra are considered to be the best and most precious pearls in the world. The shape of these pearls is round and the color is light yellow.

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VarahaMukta Pearl

This pearl is obtained from the head of a pig, its color is light yellow, it is round. beautiful and shiny,
When there is a knot in the head of the pig, and this pearl is formed inside that knot, it is called the Varaah Mukta pearl.

Varaha Mukta pearl is found only inside the big wild male boar, whose big teeth remain out like an elephant.

It is very rare to get this pearl. Wearing this pearl increases the lineage, and gives life like a king.

SarpMukta Pearl

SarpMukta pearl is a pearl obtained from the top of the head of a snake. This pearl is on the top of a snake named Vasuki. The color of this pearl is light blue, and it is an extremely rare pearl.

It is believed that this pearl is called ‘Mani’. This pearl is obtained from the top of the head of an old and long life snake.
Shiny and rare, this pearl has divine powers.

VanshMukta Pearl

VanshMukta pearls are also called Botanical pearls, it is believed that VanshMukta pearls originate inside bamboo.

A kind of knot is formed inside the bamboo, which takes the form of a beautiful, shiny pearl, it is also considered rare to find it.
One who has this pearl, that person remains full of wealth.

MeenMukta Pearls

The MeenMukta pearl is found in the head of a golden-colored fish found in the sea, this fish is about half afoot. MeenMukta pearls are round and light yellow aura pearls.

MeenMukta pearl is considered to be a very rare pearl. Hardly anyone gets this pearl. This pearl is considered very miraculous, if a person is suffering from terrible diseases, then he gets cured within a few days by the effect of this pearl.
This pearl starts shining by immersing it in water. This pearl is few in the whole world.

AkashMukta Pearl

AkashMukta pearl is very rare, this pearl endowed with divine qualities falls from the sky. This pearl is like a big hail falling from the sky, it is a shiny pearl of a milky color.

AkashMukta pearl is said to be a pearl of great fortune.

MeghMukta Pearl

MeghMukta pearl is also considered a rare and fortunate pearl. This pearl is very radiating, it has electric power. It falls from the sky only in Shravan or Pushya Nakshatra.

The MeghMukta pearl is born in the clouds and falls to the earth from the sky during the rains, its shape is also like hail like the AkashMukta pearl. It is a very solid pearl.

If fortunately, someone gets this pearl, then that person can become the ruler of the world and attains God’s vagina.

But, to date, its description has been read-only in Puranas and books, till date it has not been heard that anyone has seen it.

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