Yellow Sapphire astrological benefits

Jupiter’s gemstone Yellow Sapphire and Yellow Sapphire astrological benefits.

Yellow Sapphire astrological benefits

Yellow Sapphire is considered to be the gem of Lord Jupiter. It is called Yellow Sapphire in English. It is capable of attracting the rays of the planet Jupiter to itself. Through which the auspicious effects of Jupiter can be obtained.

Yellow Sapphire Gemstone maintains good health, it helps in providing new successes all the time. This gemstone is beneficial in many diseases related to throat and stomach and also proves effective in the treatment of psychiatric diseases like hysteria.

The life span of the Yellow Sapphire is estimated to be around 4 years 4 months.

These people should wear Yellow Sapphire for getting success in the field of Guru-dominated person like monarchy, astrologer, teacher, professor, secretary, or spirituality.

Yellow Sapphire is a very beautiful and precious gemstone similar to the color of turmeric. This gemstone belongs to the group “Corundum”. It is considered to be the hardest gemstone after diamond and ruby.

The original quality Yellow Sapphire is available in Saffron, Turmeric, Golden Aura and White colours. Good and excellent, shiny, dark yellow in color, weight, without any kind of webs or stains, smooth, transparent, remain yellow like sunflower flowers.

Wearing Yellow Sapphire enhances the personality of a person, intellectual ability is proficient.
It increases happiness, prosperity, life, and fame. Wearing Yellow Sapphire is helpful in the marriage of any unmarried girl.

Jupiter and Yellow Sapphire

If in the birth chart of a person, Jupiter is auspicious and yogic but has become weak, then such persons must wear Yellow Sapphire.

The people who are not getting the desired success in their life, not only their reputation suffers, the character of the person is bad due to a corrupted guru, then Yellow Sapphire gemstone should be worn in such a situation.

In astrology, Jupiter is considered to be the provider of wealth and the causative planet of learning. Therefore, Yellow Sapphire should be worn in the Mahadasha of Jupiter, and Yellow Sapphire should be worn for early marriage or to remove obstacles in marital work.

By wearing Yellow Sapphire one’s thoughts are also purified.

Yellow Sapphire is always beneficial for the people of Sagittarius, Pisces, Cancer ascendant. Similarly, even if Jupiter is in 2,5,11 house, it is considered necessary to wear Yellow Sapphire, because Jupiter suffers from Karakatattva dosha of these houses.

The people of Aries ascendant can get more benefits by wearing Yellow Sapphire with Coral, girls can wear Yellow Sapphire for early marriage.

There has also been an ancient tradition of wearing Yellow Sapphire for getting a son. Wearing Yellow Sapphire is also considered necessary to achieve high successes in the religious field.

Yellow Sapphire Gems & Health

It is very important to wear Yellow Sapphire gemstone not only for the peace of Jupiter but also for health.
For example, in diseases like bone pain, cough, jaundice, piles etc., wearing Yellow Sapphire gives very quick benefits.

It is very beneficial in diseases like vomiting, phlegm, heartburn, leprosy, bloody piles, and jaundice. If a person’s health is deteriorating rapidly, weight is decreasing, then a good Yellow Sapphire should be worn.

Yellow Sapphire’s Receipt Location

Yellow Sapphire is mainly found in Japan, Tasmania, Colorado, England and Sri Lanka. In India, it is mainly found in the region of Bengal, Orissa, Brahmaputra and Himalayas.

The Yellow Sapphire of Sri Lanka is considered the best in the world.

Yellow Sapphire and its subsitute gemstone

Yellow Sapphire is a valuable gemstone, so those who are not able to buy it, they can wear its sub-gem “Citrine” instead of Yellow Sapphire.
It also has the same effect as Yellow Sapphire.

Method of holding Yellow Sapphire

Yellow Sapphire should be worn on the first Thursday of Shukla Paksha of any month or during Guru Pushya Yoga, after instilling it in a golden ring and purifying it with Panchamrit etc., while chanting the mantra “ॐ बृं बृहस्पतये नम:” 108 times and wear it on the index finger.

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