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Ketu Planet

Ketu is a shadow planet among the nine planets. There are many effects of Ketu on the life of human beings, animals, birds and the entire creation on earth, Ketu brings sudden changes in life. Ketu planet represents Cat’s Eye gemstone.

If Ketu has auspicious effects on a person, then that person suddenly reaches the peak of fame in life, he/she suddenly gets chances of getting wealth and gets social respect.

Ketu bestows spiritual knowledge, and the power of discernment.
Ketu is the planet leading to spirituality, can make a person an ascetic, removing from worldly desires and ambitions.

What is the work of Ketu?

Ketu which is a shadow planet in the universe, but even after being a shadow planet, it has a lot of influence on human beings. Ketu is the lord of Ashwini, Magha and Mool Nakshatras, and the nature of Ketu is considered to be similar to that of Mars.

As soon as the name of Ketu comes, it is believed that Ketu being a malefic planet will only give inauspiciousness, but it is not so at all. If Ketu is in benefic position in the birth chart, then Ketu reverses the luck of the person, gives immense success and wealth, gives a lot of success to the person in the works of religious deeds.

If Ketu is exalted in the birth chart and is in a benefic house, then it gives immense success to the person in life, if it is sitting with auspicious planets in any house then it starts giving very good benefits.

Ketu is such a planet whose auspicious and inauspicious effects are very difficult to know, Rahu Ketu plays a very strange game in the birth chart of any person. Therefore, their assessment has to be done very carefully and accurately. Rahu and Ketu always move in the opposite direction compared to all other planets.

According to astrology, Ketu is the planet that gives sudden changes, according to the birth chart of the person, it takes the person to great heights or suddenly brings him down. Auspicious Ketu bestows good luck on the native and his family, gives a lot of progress in wealth and economic benefits, social value, prestige, spirituality and good health.

When all the planets come inside Ketu in the birth chart, then Kaal Sarp Dosh is formed in the birth chart.

To get the auspicious effects of Ketu or to pacify Ketu, the gemstone of Ketu “Cats,eye” is worn, but great care should be taken in wearing it. The decision to wear the gemstone of Ketu should be taken only after analyzing the horoscope very deeply.

How powerful is Ketu?

Ketu is such a shadow planet, which has a lot of power within itself, if the planet Ketu starts showing its auspicious or inauspicious results, then it is considered more powerful than planets like Sun and Moon.

Ketu and Rahu are two such shadow planets, about which it is very difficult to predict, at what time how they will affect the life of a person,
It is very difficult to guess.

What are the ill effects of Ketu?

If Ketu is under bad influences in the birth chart of a person, then in such a situation that person starts losing money, loss in business and financial troubles start coming to the person.
There is a tendency towards physical weakness, skin diseases, joint pain and weakness of nerves, bad habits.

Which stone is for Ketu?

Chrysobery cat’s eye, which is called “Lahsuniya” in Hindi, this gemstone represents the planet Ketu. By wearing cat’s eye, the auspicious effects of Ketu are obtained, and problems are destroyed.

Cat’s eye being the gem of the planet Ketu is very effective, this gemstone has the power to bring sudden changes in life.

Cat’s Eye gemstone

Cat’s Eye gemstone is one of the “Navratnas“. Cat’s Eye represents the shadow planet Ketu, eliminates the bad effects of Ketu, and enhances the auspicious effects.

Cat’s Eye gemstone is such a unique gem in the “Navratnas”, which looks like a cat’s eye,
This beautiful gem of green, light green, yellow, gray, and white has a bright stripe on it, which enhances its beauty, due to this bright stripe, it looks like a cat’s eye.

Maybe, because of this reason, it has been named Cat’s Eye.

Cat’s Eye gemstone is one such gem among the Navaratnas, which starts showing its effects very soon.
In Cat’s Eye, there is infinite energy from the effects of the planet Ketu.

Cat’s Eye gemstone is known by many names, such as “Vaidurya” in Sanskrit, “Lehsuniya” in Urdu and Hindi, etc.

Planet Ketu and Cat’s Eye gemstone

According to Vedic astrology, the shadow planet Ketu does not maintain its physical existence, yet it has a very effective effect on human life.
If Ketu has positive effects on a person’s life, then the person’s mind is inclined towards spirituality, remains connected with the fields of spirituality.

He is knowledgeable, and suddenly many changes are going on in his life. Sometimes he starts making progress in his life, then suddenly he starts getting money and financial benefits.

On the contrary, the negative effect on the life of a person gives him the opposite effect, becoming poor and money loss, poor health, gambler, a drug addict.
Negative Ketu can make a person’s life hell.

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The planet Ketu is considered to be a religious planet and the planet that bestows salvation, due to the fact that wearing Ketu’s gemstone increases devotion, knowledge, and creativity within a person.
And according to astrology, this gemstone is worn to reduce the inauspicious effects of the planet Ketu.

When Ketu has an inauspicious effect on a person’s birth chart, then such a person is often ill, he is suffering from some incurable disease, or he is surrounded by some disease that is not known.
Such persons are advised to wear Ketu Ratna Cat’s Eye.

Planet Ketu and Cat's Eye gemstone
Planet Ketu and Cat’s Eye gemstone

Special astrological benefits of wearing Cat’s Eye gemstone.

When the position of the planet Ketu in the birth chart is weak, then it is advisable to wear Cat’s Eye to strengthen Ketu.

Ketu is a spiritual planet, therefore, it is advisable to wear Ketu gemstone to get benefits in spiritual Kshetras.

The bad position of Ketu in the birth chart creates sorrow, pain, and poverty, in such a situation, wearing Cat’s Eye ends sorrow, pain, and prosperity.

By wearing Cat’s Eye gemstone, the mind becomes calm, the attachment to a fun-filled life ends, and the mind moves towards spirituality.

Wearing Cat’s Eye can bring sudden auspicious changes in the life of a person, happiness, peace, and prosperity can come in both personal and professional life.

By wearing Cat’s Eye, good profits can be obtained in trading, share marketing, casino businesses.

If a person is troubled by money loss, misfortune, health problems, mental illness, financial losses, ghost,s and phantom obstacles, then by wearing Cat’s Eye, he can get rid of all these troubles.

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What is the importance of cat’s eye stone for marriage?

Cat’s Eye proves to be a particularly beneficial gemstone for both married and unmarried couples.
If an unmarried young man or girl wears Cat’s Eye gemstone, then it definitely helps him to get a good life partner,

And if this gem is worn by a married couple, then there is an increase in infinite love in their life, both love each other very much, positivity comes in life and both the couples enjoy a happy married life.

What is the importance of cat's eye stone for marriage?
What is the importance of cat’s eye stone for marriage?

Ketu Gemstone Cats Eye Special Effects

Wearing Ketu Ratna Cats Eye is the most beneficial remedy for the person who is suffering from the ill effects of Ketu.
Cats Eye destroys the negative effects of Ketu, protects a person from enemies, and destroys enemies,
Cures diseases, gives good health.
It proves helpful in solving financial problems, gives wealth, eliminates negative energies, eliminates the obstacles of witchcraft, ghosts, creates a religious atmosphere around the person.

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Rules for wearing Cat’s Eye

Ketu’s gemstone Cat’s Eye should never be worn without thinking, Ketu is a demon planet, its side effects are more, so this gemstone shows its auspicious and inauspicious effects very quickly,
Therefore, Cat’s Eye should always be worn with the advice of an astrologer.

Before wearing Cat’s Eye, it should be purified with Ganga water, on Saturday, after sunset, Cat’s Eye gemstone should be worn.
Cat’s Eye should be worn on the middle finger while reciting worship with full rules, chanting Ketu Mantra “Om” 108 times.

The ring of Cat’s Eye should be made in the ring of Ashthadhatu.

Cat’s Eye gemstone should be worn only of 6 carats or above.

Who should wear Ketu stone?
Who should wear Ketu stone?


Who should wear Ketu stone?

If the malefic effects of Ketu are being generated in the birth chart of a person, then wearing Ketu gemstone is beneficial in such a situation.
In such a situation, it is necessary to see how Ketu is getting affected and harmful.
If Ketu is in any inauspicious house, then one should not wear Ketu’s stone in such condition.
And if Ketu is getting corrupted by Sun, Mars, Saturn, then Ketu’s gemstone must be worn.
If Ketu is placed in the first, third, fourth, fifth, ninth and tenth house in a person’s birth chart, and is giving auspicious effects, then wearing Cat’s eye is very beneficial.

How do you wear Ketu stone?

Cat’s eye should be worn in silver or Ashtadhatu ring or locket, Cat’s eye should always be worn on the middle or little finger on Tuesday morning after sunrise.
Before wearing it, it is necessary to worship and chant Ketu mantras 108 times with complete rituals.

Who should not wear Cateye Stone?

If Ketu is in the 3rd, 6th, 8th or 12th house in a person’s birth chart, then Cat’s eye should not be worn in such a condition.

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