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About Lakshmi Narayan

Lakshmi Narayan is a well-known astrologer of India. Since childhood astrology has been attracting him towards it.
Lakshmi Narayan has not only seen astrology from the point of view of a profession, he has seen it more from the point of view of social service,

He believes that when someone is benefited by his counseling, he feels a peace and happiness in his heart.
When a person’s trouble is less, then the feeling of that happiness is different.

Lakshmi Narayan is a resident of Bhilai-Chhattisgarh, and provides his services from Bhilai itself, the name of his organization is Jyotish Paramarsh Kendra. Lakshmi Narayan has been extending his services to the people since about 2007, and it is a matter of great pleasure that till now thousands of people have benefited from his advice.

Lakshmi Narayan
Lakshmi Narayan

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Our Services

Jyotish Paramarsh Kendra provides you the service of horoscope. Provides Gemstone Consultation, Yantra Consultation and Counseling to attain peace through planetary Mantras according to the horoscope.

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Birth chart is a mirror of a person’s life, through which he can know about his future.

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Gemstone Suggestions

Beautiful and miraculous gems can keep your life happy, beautiful and free from troubles.

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By chanting the mantras of the planets, you can remove all the troubles of your life.

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Yantras have that power, by wearing which you can get all the pleasures of life.


Astrology is more than eight thousand years old scripture, which was composed by our sages to increase the joy of our life and guide the future,
We should respect our sages and give them many respects that they have given us such miraculous scriptures, using which we can get information about our future and enjoy a happy life.

Astrology is such a science, with the help of which we can know about the future events of our life, whether that event is auspicious or inauspicious.
When we know about the inauspicious and conflicting events of our life through this scripture, then through the remedies mentioned in astrology, we can reduce them and lead a happy life.

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Janam Kundli is such an astrological calculation, through which we can know about our future through 9 planets, 12 zodiac signs and 27 constellations,
From the birth chart, we can know about many things like Ascendant, auspicious and inauspicious planets, Antardasha of planets, Kalsarp Yog, Manglik Yoga, about Rashi, our life and auspicious and inauspicious times, etc.

When we come to know about the inauspicious time of our life, then we can live a happy and successful life by redressing the inauspicious conditions by the remedies mentioned in astrology.

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Human beings had come to know about gems from thousands of years ago, but the relation of gems with planets has been known only through astrology.

In astrology, the details of all the 9 gems and sub-gems are given, how gems give benefits from auspicious planets and eliminate the inauspiciousness of inauspicious planets.

Every gemstone has the energy of the planet assigned to it, when we wear the gemstone, the gemstone attracts the energy of that planet and conducts the energy of that planet in the person wearing it.

Gemstones have so much power that by wearing a gemstone, a person can reduce many sufferings in his life, and can progress by increasing the energy of the planet with the gemstone.

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Mantra is that power which is being used for ages, in today’s era, we are not able to use the power of mantras as much as it is used in old times,

Lord Shiva is believed to be the father of mantras, in olden times fire was lit by mantras, rain was brought, gods used to appear from one place to another through mantras, big demons were killed. Weapons were used by mantras to destroy
But today the power of mantras has almost vanished, because in today’s era, it is not a matter of anyone to do penance to awaken the mantras.

Mantras are also very useful in astrology, when a planet is inauspicious or sin-affected in a person’s horoscope, then in such a state that planet can be pacified by chanting the mantras of that planet.
A happy and prosperous life can also be lived by chanting the mantras of other planets.

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Yantras are also being used like mantras since ancient times.

The Yantra acts as a protective shield for any person, any kind of evil effects, ghosts, evil eye, witchcraft can be avoided by wearing the Yantra.

Yantras are also used in astrology, evil and inauspicious planets can be pacified by the use of yantras and it is definitely very beneficial.

To get the benefits of yantras, it is necessary to worship them before wearing them.

Consultation with Lakshmi Narayan

Lakshmi Narayan
Lakshmi Narayan

Are you worried about some problems in your life?
Don’t be disappointed Laxmi Narayan will help you.

Every person faces different types of problems from time to time in his life, sometimes with business, sometimes financial problems, sometimes family, sometimes matrimonial, sometimes love marriage and sometimes court etc.,

The person becomes so frustrated that he does not understand what to do,
But do you know, the reason for these troubles is the planets and constellations of your life,
It is these planetary constellations that keep bringing their good and bad effects on you, no one can be saved from their effects, whether rich or poor.
It is true that every person born on this earth spends his life according to the good and bad effects of planets.

If you are also facing similar problems in your life, then don’t worry, Lakshmi Narayan will give you advice for a very small fee and try to get rid of these problems.

The main objective of Lakshmi Narayan is ‘May your life be happy’.

Rules of Online Consultation

  • Hindi will be the language of online consultation
  • You have to give full details of your birth
  • You have to give your full details on whatsapp
  • After that you will be given online time
  • Must call at given time only
  • If there is no talk for some reason, another time will be given.
  • There will be a full discussion on your horoscope, ask your questions
  • Online consultation fee has to be paid first

Birth Details

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Time of birth
  • Birth place


Online Consultation Charge – Rs.501/- Only

Thank you.

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