Blood stone or Heliotrope the lucky gemstone of march

Blood stone or Heliotrope

Since ancient times, Blood stone or Heliotrope is a favorite gemstone because of its properties.
This gemstone has been given a lot of recognition in western countries, this gem is also known as sunstone and blood jasper.

This gem is a completely opaque dark green stone, ancient people used to call it a bloody stone.
In the medieval era, this gem was considered to be a sign of very miraculous and magical powers.

Its color never remains the same, it keeps changing its color more or less.
This Gem Looks Like Jasper, But It’s Not Jasper

The formation of this gemstone is also of two types in silicon dioxide, blood stone, firstly it is named heliotrope, which is dark green opaque gem and there are reddish red spots found on it,
The second blood stone is called “plasma“, it is somewhat transparent and green in color, there are very few or no red spots on it. Plasma blood stones are rarely found.

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Who can wear Blood stone or Heliotrope

People born in the month of March, the lucky gem of those people is Blood stone or Heliotrope.
Wearing a blood stone gives them courage and energy, and being their lucky gemstone gives them success in every sphere of life, social prestige, physical strength and wealth.

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Characteristics of Blood stone or Heliotrope

Blood stone is a dark green hard stone with red spots, this gemstone comes from Chalcedony family, blood stone is completely opaque gemstone,

Since ancient times, there has been a lot of recognition of blood stone, blood stone has been given a lot of respect in western countries,
The main reason for this is that the blood stone is said to be related to Lord Jesus Christ.

According to one belief, when the Lord Jesus was crucified on the cross, the blood that fell on the earth from his hands and feet, after falling on the earth, turned into a hard stone and that stone took the form of a blood stone.
This is the reason that dark red spots remain on the blood stone.

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In western countries, it is customary to wear blood stone with great respect and honor.
This gem is also considered to be very miraculous, in ancient times people used to use this gem as their protection shield, they believed that by wearing this gem, the calamity on the person is averted.

When small children are afraid, afraid of the dark, are weak in heart, by holding such small children around the neck or keeping them under the bed, children do not get scared, they stop feeling afraid. .
Similarly, elders also used to wear this gem on their body in some form or the other, which boosted their morale and provided protection from enemies.

Such people who used to be mentally weak or such people who used to travel long distances, they used to wear this gem, they believed that blood stone instills courage in them.

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Blood stone gives physical and mental benefits

Blood stone gives a lot of benefits to the person physically and mentally as well.
It increases the morale of weak hearted people, people who are very weak mentally, this gem strengthens their mind, provides strength, eliminates stress and gives them enthusiasm to do any work. .

If a person is very scared by nature, is not able to face people,
Blood stone instills enthusiasm in them, such people who are associated with social work, are associated with politics, they have to address the people, blood stone gives speech power to such people.

Blood stone strengthens the internal system of a person’s body, such as heart, liver, kidney and digestive system, provides them protection, eliminates diseases related to blood, removes harmful toxins present in the body,

Keeps blood circulation normal, does not allow anemia deficiency.

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Blood stone gem according to astrology

Blood stone is auspicious stone for people born in March.

Blood stone is considered very beneficial and auspicious for those people whose zodiac sign is Aries.

Blood stone is also a very beneficial gem for those persons whose Sun is weak in their birth chart or is contaminated by other malefic planets, their Sun planet becomes strong by wearing this stone.
There is success, social honour, economic progress and wealth gains.

How to wear blood stone

Wearing Blood Stone on Tuesday, Wednesday or Sunday is considered auspicious.
Wear it after seeing any of these auspicious days,

First purify the silver ring or locket made of it with Ganga water,
After that worship the ring with incense, lamp, akshat, kumkum, and wear it in the little finger.

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