Moonstone the lucky birthstone for the people born in june

Moonstone the lucky birthstone, the gem of ‘Moon Planet

Colourwhite, milky, light blue, light yellow
Hardness6.0 – 6.5
Gravity2.56 – 2.58
Chemical CompositionPotassium, Aluminum Silicate
TransparencyTransperent & Semi transparent

Moonstone the lucky birthstone of june

According to English astrology, Moonstone is the lucky birthstone of people born in June.
For those born in June, Moonstone especially provides physical and mental strength, gives them financial strength, wealth, increases family and marital love, increases social respect and life. gives rise to

Therefore, those people who were born in the month of June, those people should wear Moonstone the lucky birthstone.

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Moon stone is a semi-transparent colorless gemstone, this gemstone is cut only in cabochon carving, this stone has a blue or milky finish, which looks like moon glow and starts shining in light or sunlight.

Moon stone is mostly found in Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Brazil, India, Tanzania, Mexico and America.

The 9 planets in the solar system, Sun, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu have gems to provide peace and benefits, similarly there is Moon stone to get peace and benefits of Moon.
Due to the appearance of the moon and the color of the moon, this stone has been given the name of Moon stone.

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Whenever a planet in a person’s birth chart loses its effect by becoming inauspicious, suffering from sin or weakening, then it becomes very necessary to strengthen that planet and to strengthen that planet it becomes very necessary to wear its gem.

Similarly, if Moon is weak, afflicted by malefic planets or sitting in inauspicious house in the horoscope, then it will start weakening the mental state of the person, there will be a decrease in wealth, the morale of the person will start to weaken,
In such a situation, it becomes necessary to strengthen the moon planet, which can be done only by wearing moon stone.

Moon stone means the gem of the moon planet, just as the moon planet is calm and white, similarly moon stone keeps mental tension and mind calm,

Provides peace to a person’s mental tensions and his restless mind, Moon stone can prove to be very beneficial for those people who are going through stress.

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Benefits of wearing Moonstone:-

Due to the weakening of the Moon planet, the most effect falls on the person’s mind, the person becomes emotionally weak, in such a situation, wearing Moon stone makes the person emotionally strong.

Due to the weak moon, it directly affects the mental state of the person, because the moon planet controls the person’s mind, so it becomes necessary to wear moon stone in such a condition.

Moon planet is the causative planet for the areas of art, when the Moon planet is weak in the birth chart, then the people associated with the arts have trouble getting success, wearing Moon stone benefits the people associated with the arts, they progress quickly. Meets.

Sun and Moon are two such planets, which are very important to be strong for job and business, if Moon is weak then there are problems in economic, business and job, in such a situation, by wearing Moon stone, there will be progress in economic, business and job. it occurs.

Moon planet is the factor of mind, it is the factor of love, if someone is facing marital problems or there is a rift in someone’s love relationship, then wearing Moon stone strengthens their love relationship.

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Who can wear moon stone?

The auspicious gems of the moon planet are pearls and moon stone, so the people whose moon planet is weak in their birth chart must wear moon stone.
The people of Moon sign Cancer and Cancer ascendant must wear Moon stone.
Moon stone is the lucky gem of people born in the month of June, so the people born in June should wear Moon stone.

Moonstone for students?

Moon controls the mind and memory, and it is very important to have a strong mind and memory in education, so students who have a weak Moon in their birth chart, due to which they do not feel like studying,
Those students must wear a locket of moon stone.

For those students who are preparing for higher education, wearing Moonstone is also very beneficial, and will be helpful in their higher education.

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What is a moonstone good for?

Moon stone is very beneficial for those people who are emotionally and mentally weak, Moon stone is excellent for keeping the mind calm, wearing Moon stone brings knowledge, Moon stone boosts morale, success in job And provides economic growth in business.

What energy is moonstone?

Moon stone contains the energy of the moon planet, the moon planet is a symbol of peace and mind, so the moon stone, the gem of the moon planet, contains the energy of peace, mental strength, strong morale and knowledge.

When should I wear moonstone?

Moon stone ring or locket should be made in silver metal, after seeing the auspicious time on Monday evening, chanting the moon mantras 1100 times should be worn on Kanishtika finger.

How do you activate moonstone?

The best way to activate the moon stone is to chant the moon mantras, before wearing the moon stone, chant the moon mantra “Om Shram Shrim Shrauns: Chandramse Namah.. 1100 times, only then wear the ring,

If the Moon stone ring is kept in the moon’s light for the whole night after being activated by mantras, then the moon’s energy gets operated in it.

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