cancer zodiac and cancer ascendant in vedic astrology

Cancer zodiac and Cancer Ascendant

Cancer Zodiac signCrab
Cancer Ascendant sighCrab
Lord of Cancer Moon
Favorable and Lucky GemstonePearl
Lucky Semi-precious stoneMoon stone
Lucky Dates2, 10, 20 and 29
Lucky DayMonday
Friend zodiac signsScorpio and Pisces
Enemy zodiac signsLibra, Sagittarius and Aquarius
Mantraॐ ऐं क्लीं सोमाय नम:
Chant number10,000
Donation of Moon peaceWhite cloths, Pearls and Silver

Cancer zodiac and Cancer Ascendant – According to western opinion, people born between 22 June to 23 July and according to Indian opinion, the people born between 16 July and 16 August are considered to be ‘Cancer’ zodiac.

The people of Cancer zodiac are considered to be dynamic, excited, and constantly active people. Cancer people like to stick to their ideals and never tell their mind to anyone, they have a habit of talking big things.

The mind of Cancer people is also fickle like the moon, never engaged in any one task, keeps on changing his words and deeds.

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Cancer and its lord Moon

The lord of Cancer and Ascendant is Moon, due to which the Moon has a complete influence on their life.
Moon is the lord of the mind, in whose birth chart of Cancer the Moon is auspicious and strong, those people are in high positions, rich in wealth, blessed with wealth.

The nature of the moon planet is kind hearted, truth-speaker, doer of religious deeds, successful businessman, good-behavior and intelligent.

One who makes profit from white colored things, loves clean clothes, jewellery, delicious food, is playful, likes comfort, beauty lover, gets lost in the world of fantasies.

If the Moon becomes weak in the birth chart of a person, then such a person does not stick to his word, woman glutton, unbelievers, snobbish eater, money-misappearing, unstable mind, repeatedly turning away from his point of view. , is evil and slanderous of others, unnecessarily angry.

Let us know the benefits of Moon’s conjunction with other planets,

1. If there is a combination of Moon and Mars in the birth chart, then such a person earns money from adventure activities, but this combination also gives disease to the person.

2. The combination of Moon and Mercury makes the native a very intelligent and good speaker, the person can also be a famous writer.

3. The conjunction of Moon and Jupiter makes the person very knowledgeable, attains important and high position, the person is a high official in administration or the founder of a company, a famous professor is a spiritual teacher.

4. If there is a combination of Moon and Venus in the horoscope of a person, then the person is very successful, beautiful, lovable, luxurious and beauty lover.

5. If the conjunction of Moon and Saturn or Rahu or Ketu is formed, then the person gets sorrow, poverty, stupidity and many kinds of bad effects.

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Anatomy of cancer

The people of Cancer zodiac have a thin body, their physique is soft, they are emotional and simple nature people, the life of Cancer people is clean, they stay away from deceit, lies and deceit.

Cancer natives are of medium height, full face, broad chest with a wheatish or somewhat dark complexion and long arms and a thick neck.
It is often seen that Cancer people have a double chin. These people walk fast and oblique.

Nature of Cancer

The sign of Cancer is the crab and once the crab catches something with its claws, it becomes difficult to get rid of it, just like the Cancer people cling to their love characters and thoughts.

The mood of Cancer people keeps changing frequently, they are mostly lost in fantasies, their memory power is very fast, they do not forget the past time and moments, their past is very important in their life,
Their friends and friendship are very important in their life, without them life seems incomplete, which they follow throughout their life.

Cancer people are the masters of their mind and thoughts, they do not tolerate this at all if someone should stop their work.

Cancer people are the masters of their mind and thoughts, they do not tolerate this at all if someone should stop their work.

The people of Cancer zodiac are very intelligent, independent-minded, business-efficient, performer of many tasks and are also of religious nature.

Cancer people like to live in their life in a simple, straightforward and sincere manner, it is not in their nature to lie to someone, to deceive anyone, that is why they are called emotional people.

Being emotional does not mean that the people of Cancer zodiac are very stupid, they can be deceived by anyone,
If someone tries to cheat with them, or cheats, they recognize him immediately, but they do not speak to him nor do any kind of protest.

Cancer people find it very difficult to collect money in their life, because whatever they earn, they spend it on their family, relatives, or else they sit by wasting their money in gambling.
If there is a collection of money in their life, then assume that only after the age of 35, these people are able to collect money,
Till the youth, whatever work is done in it, there are always some obstacles in it.

They have to travel far and wide in their life, but Cancer natives also get a lot of benefits in life by traveling far away. There are changes in the business and jobs of Cancer people till the age of 35, after 35 their life becomes permanent.

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Career of Cancer

Cancer natives attain high positions in life and also get fame. Cancer people can be artists, writers, musicians, playwrights, some Cancer people are also big businessmen, psychoanalysts, apart from this, Cancer people can also be seen taking a lot of interest in occult sciences, religious works.

Cancer people make big plans for their career and also dream big, with their hard work, they achieve big positions or become big entrepreneurs.
For Cancer natives, there are chances of getting good success from works like import export, business of medicines, search work, mines work, hotels, restaurants, business of water items, milk business.

Married life of Cancer zodiac and Cancer Ascendant

The married life of the people of Cancer zodiac remains simple, Cancer people are very reluctant to get married, do not want to get married and after getting married there is animosity in the thoughts of husband and wife.

It has often been seen that the mutual views of husband and wife do not meet, due to which there are differences in their married life,
The main reason for their poor married life is that they consider themselves to be very intelligent and educated, are firm in their stubbornness and do not like to bow down. Due to which there is no happiness in their married life.

Cancer natives also have to take a lot of concern on behalf of their children, such as about their marriage, about their education or about setting them up in business.

Cancer man or woman, they are beautiful in appearance, but their spouse is less beautiful in appearance than them, Friendship, marriage and partnership with people born between 21st June to 27th July, 21st October to 27th November, 19th February to 27th March are very auspicious for Cancerians.

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Drawbacks of Cancer natives

There is also a shortcoming of the people of Cancer zodiac that they show off very high, they are ostentatious,
Presents himself more than his capacity, even after being poor, he tries to show himself rich.

If any calamity comes upon them, then Cancer natives are unable to face it, they immediately give up and make a compromise or run away.

Cancer native’s health

Cancer people are weak in their childhood, but as they grow up, their body develops well,
Cancer zodiac represents chest and abdomen, so Cancer people should be very careful about their stomach ailments, Cancer people have a habit of thinking a lot and stressing their mind, so they should take care that, where their There should not be any bad effect on mental state.

Cancer natives should protect themselves from diseases like lung disease, flu, tuberculosis, respiratory disease, asthma, stomach disease, nervous debility, jaundice, rheumatism.

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Auspicious and Lucky Gemstones for Cancer Natives

Pearls, red coral and yellow sapphire are very auspicious and lucky gems for the people of Cancer zodiac and Cancer Ascendant

Pearl is a gem to give them progress in life, physical health, mental strength, economic progress and wealth.

Red coral is going to give the benefit of progress in business and job, high position, social prestige, child happiness, education to Cancer natives.

And Yellow sapphire makes Cancer natives lucky, gets ancestral property, wealth gains and foreign travel or foreign settlement.

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